Fitting in at Camp Goodtimes

Boy, this summer is flying by. I have found very little time to focus on my writing– most of my energy has been directed towards spending time with my kids and putting my hours in at work.

But I did have time to write this article about a neat camp for kids who are touched by cancer in some way. Take a look!images


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Talking about Philanthropy with Girl Scouts

I mentioned in a recent post that I had spent some time talking about philanthropy with a group of Girl Scouts. Here is the Parentmap article I finally wrote about that experience.  I’d love to do more of that sort of thing!

Girls Scout badge drawn by Sydney Vernon, 11

Girls Scout badge drawn by Sydney Vernon, 11

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Raising Awareness about Hearing Loss with Seattle Seahawk Derrick Coleman

And heeeeere it is! My post about meeting Derrick Coleman and the fabulous experience helping to run a fundraising event. Read it and enjoy!

ER Pix with Derrick

Elizabeth with Derrick Coleman. Photo credit: Corky Trewin, Seattle Seahawks Photographer

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An example of the work I do

So, by now you may know I am juggling a few things in my career. I am a blogger for Parentmap, a freelancer for nonprofit work (I recently helped coordinate volunteers for an event- but more on that in another post), and I work as the Volunteer Coordinator for FamilyWorks. This is probably why I haven’t been able to post on my blog as regularly as I’d like. There are so many cool things happening and I wish I had the time to blog about them, but I will have to be satisfied with whatever I can push out.

philanthropy_tree.png I’d like to share a post I wrote for the FamilyWorks blog. We wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to create meaningful opportunities for the community to become involved with a local nonprofit. And in this case, the John Stanford International School, which is located in the same neighborhood, chose FamilyWorks as the site for its “Community Action Project.” Through the process of working with staff at the school and helping them plan the logistics for collecting the donations and educating the student representatives about what we do, we learned that it really is not that difficult to do something like this.

The rewards for both sides are so great: for FamilyWorks, it is getting donations, developing a great relationship with a community partner, and creating awareness about the issues we care most deeply about and for the school, it is creating a culture of philanthropy and educating students and their families about hunger and how a nonprofit works to create resiliency in families.

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Girl Scouts Philanthropy Presentation

Today I gave a presentation about philanthropy to a group of 7-8 year-old girl scouts. It was great fun and my 11 year-old daughter helped out. She took notes for me, recorded interesting quotes, and got me materials I needed.

From internet

From internet

It was a great experience and I’ll tell you why:

  • These girls had fantastic ideas and a great attitude
  • It gave me a chance to articulate and test drive some of my teaching tips about philanthropy
  • I loved being there with my daughter doing stuff where I was truly in my “element”
  • I really feel like these kids “got it” and learned some new ideas about ways to give back

Stay tuned for an in-depth article about the details of that event.

(I apologize for the brevity of my posts. I really want to get back into posting more regularly, but find I am stretched pretty thin these days.)

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The Boys in the Boat

A friend recently told me, “You have to read this book!” And she was referring to The Boys in the Boat by Daniel James Brown. It’s a work of nonfiction and both this friend and I are crazy about this genre. We inhale the stuff- I might have mentioned this ad nauseum in other posts, sorry about repetition.

From internet

From internet

Anyway, Brown recently wrote about Seattle’s opening day tradition, where the boats take to the water and celebrate the beginning of the boating season. I was inspired by his little snippet of information about the UW rowing crew who made it to the 1936 Olympics in Hitler’s Germany (which his book is based on). These boys could not afford to fly over to Germany and would have had to cede their place to the second-ranked (and wealthier) Pennsylvania University.

Brown writes:

But that night, phones began to ring all over Seattle. Ulbrickson [the UW coach] and the Washington press contingent — Royal Brougham of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and George Varnell of The Seattle Times — began placing calls back home and composing headlines for the morning editions of their papers. By the next morning, committees had been formed. By that afternoon hundreds of students and citizens were out on the streets of Seattle selling paper badges for 50 cents apiece. Donations began to come in from businesses and individuals: $1 from a donor who wished to remain anonymous, $5 from the Hide-Away-Beer Parlor; $500 from The Seattle Times.

By the time another 24 hours passed, the effort had raised $5,000 and the boys were good to go to Germany. But only because the citizens of Seattle stood up and said, “Yes they will go.”

It was, as someone pointed out to me recently, an example of Seattle’s 12th Man in action before Seattle even had a professional football team. Or, perhaps more aptly, as there are nine men or women in an eight-oar shell, it was Seattle’s 10th Man in action.  Whatever you care to call it, it was a sterling moment in Seattle’s history, an extraordinary outpouring of civic pride.

Now that’s philanthropy in action!

I can’t wait to read his book!


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May 6: A National Day of Giving

From internet

From internet

Next week, on May 6, the national day of giving, you may decide you want to donate to an organization. That can be overwhelming. In this latest Parentmap articleI give tips on how to choose an organization.

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