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Today I will begin with a profile about an organization I have come to learn about in the past year– Water 1st :

Ethiopian women carrying water from a lake back to their homes. From http://www.waterencyclopedia.com

Imagine not having access to clean water every day for your cooking, bathing, laundry, and drinking needs.

Imagine having to walk many miles a day to fetch water from a river which you share with other animals who drink and defecate into this river… and having to carry it home on your back or head.

Imagine your children getting sick and dehydrated as a result of a diarrheal disease caused by dirty water.

Imagine not being able to bathe or clean your newborn baby.

Imagine living with constant exhaustion, body aches and pains, and fear of attack as you are traveling to get water.

Imagine not being able to go to school or have a job because your whole day is spent traveling for hours to fetch water.

Can you imagine this?

For those of us who experience a daily life of traditional comfort— a roof over our heads, food and water within easy reach, and gainful employment to pay for our comforts—it is hard to imagine any of this.  We simply don’t know otherwise.

Water 1st, a Seattle-based organization, is working hard to make it possible for communities to thrive by providing clean and safe water systems in four developing countries: Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Honduras, and India.

Read my interview with Marla Smith-Nilsson, the Executive Director of Water 1st, here.

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