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Passing Along a Sofa Leads to “Head Start” Generosity

It was time to get rid of my 14-year-old sofa to make room for the new sofa my mother got for me. She had decided, enough was enough, with her daughter living with a hideous (my mother does not mince … Continue reading

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Youth Philanthropist Jessica Markowitz, Founder of Richard’s Rwanda IMPUHWE

IMPUHWE means “compassion” in Kinyarwanda, the official language of Rwanda.  That is exactly what compelled Jessica Markowitz at the ripe age of 11 years young, to start Richard’s Rwanda, an organization providing financial support for the education of young Rwandan girls, … Continue reading

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Is Generosity Better than Sex?

Well, no big surprise, but the answer is “no”, according to this article  in the New York Times. However, there’s some new research from the University of Virginia’s (UVA) National Marriage Project showing that practicing generosity is very important in intimate … Continue reading

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Eulogy By a Young Person

My sixteen-year-old niece blew me away this weekend. She had worked very hard to prepare some words for her mother’s memorial service but decided at the last minute to ditch her written speech. Visibly moved by all the stories people … Continue reading

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Movie Mondays

A big THANK YOU goes to Chris Davenport, a documentary producer, who mentioned my blog as part of his “Movie Mondays” series. Chris makes inspiring and educational videos for development and fundraising professionals.  Each Monday, you’ll see short clips featuring … Continue reading

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Sarah Omega: A Fistula Survivor

The Setting: One by One’s sixth annual fundraiser. The lights dimmed, the audience soon hushed, and the speaker, a young woman from Kenya, came diffidently to the podium. “My name is Sarah Omega, and I am a fistula survivor.” The details … Continue reading

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