An Email from the Head Start Staff Person

Got a great email from Anna Woods, Head Start staff person, about the recent donations made by moms of N. Seattle:

“I’ve been wanting to let you know that the donations went to great use.  The families had a lot of fun and seemed to felt cared for as they searched through all the great clothing, shoes and bedding.  We were able to invite each child to choose a book and used the toys to supplement prizes for games.  We gave the scooter to a boy and his Mom who are cooped up in one room of a small apartment.  I’m very sorry I wasn’t able to get photos of the donation tables.  I hope you can get a sense of the joy that your efforts added to our celebration.  I’m inspired by what you do and how easy it is to offer more when we can work together.

Thanks very much!”

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1 Response to An Email from the Head Start Staff Person

  1. Ivonne Martinez says:

    Girlfriend of mine! Maybe this is your calling!! Helping others who do not have what we usually take for granted. First a couch and now clothing and toys. K&I did not move to WV for the money. Simplifying our lives have made it possible for us to give more to our community. There is a sense of wonderment when you put your ideas into action, then actions into wanting to do more.

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