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Peer Health Education in Malawi

I saw this video of Kumbukani, a Malawian girl who got pregnant after she dropped out of school and later decided to go back to school and be a peer educator. I’m always inspired by efforts to help girls in developing countries … Continue reading

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Some answers to the complex poverty question?

Here’s a great article in the New York Times which reviews a book, “Why Nations Fail,” written by Daron Acemoglu, a Turkish M.I.T. professor, who is on a serious rise to fame in his career as an economist. Why is this … Continue reading

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Women’s Funding Alliance

I was recently asked to be part of a grants committee for the Women’s Funding Alliance (WFA). This foundation invests in Puget Sound area nonprofits which focus on health, justice, and opportunity for women in Washington State. So, in the midst … Continue reading

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Seattle is #1 most generous city!

A little while ago, I read that Seattle had made it to the #1 spot in online giving for 2011. This article indicates that 273 cities with a population of more than 100,000 were ranked based on per capita online giving. … Continue reading

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The Mother House Fund

Here is a neat opportunity for Puget Sound-area teens to get involved in a unique fundraising and philanthropy endeavor: The Mother House Fund, a donor-advised fund at The Seattle Foundation, has implemented the Seeds of Compassion Youth Grant Program, which is an effort … Continue reading

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Making Cookies for the Homeless

“124 cookies!” exclaimed the kids. We had doubled the recipe for chocolate chip cookies, thinking we’d get about 60 cookies.  Whoa. My kitchen was overrun with cookies here, cookies there, and cookies everywhere. My children and I had made the … Continue reading

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