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International Women-Run Cooperatives: An Exhibit at the Burke Museum

The Burke Museum has an “Empowering Women’s Artisan Exhibit” featuring women-run cooperatives from all around the world. Read all about it here.

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Philanthropic Colonialism

Someone sent me this thought-provoking article in the New York Times by Peter Buffett, the son of billionaire (and philanthropist) Warren Buffett. I did a little research about this term: “philanthropic colonialism.” According to this source, philanthropic colonialism means “barging in as outsiders … Continue reading

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Do Females Encourage More Generosity in Males?

Adam Grant has done it again. He wrote an excellent article in yesterday’s New York Times about the positive correlation between the amount of money a man donates and how many female relatives he has. Bill Gates was used as the … Continue reading

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Positive Parenting: An Inspiring Method

A friend shared this great article about a unique way of getting your kid to be kind and helpful and to recognize those actions in themselves and in others. I feel like I get into this rut when it comes … Continue reading

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Voluntourism: A Different Way of Seeing the World

A cool way to see the world: by simultaneously being a tourist and a volunteer! Check out my Parentmap post about some families who did this with their children and how you can get started on this path.

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Donating Stool or Organs: A Unique Type of Philanthropy

As I was drinking my morning tea (vanilla rooibos, if you must know) and engaging in one of my all-time favorite pastimes on a Sunday morning: reading the New York Times, I saw this fascinating article by a woman who donated her … Continue reading

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Best Friends Today, But Not Tomorrow

My mother always told me I’d be lucky if I went through life keeping the same best friend. I used to scoff at her, thinking this was one of her usual negative spins on friendships. And you know, I thought … Continue reading

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Working at FamilyWorks

Today was my first day at my new job at FamilyWorks! I have been hired as the volunteer coordinator of this cool nonprofit, whose mission is to “nourish and strengthen individuals and families by connecting people with support, resources, and community.” … Continue reading

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