Obliteride: A Bike Ride to Obliterate Cancer


Check out my updated post on Obliteride, a new community event this coming weekend (Aug 9-11) to raise money for cancer research.

Cancer touches so many of us, whether or not we have or had a friend or family member with the disease. Most of us probably know of someone who has had it, either a friend of a friend or someone’s co-worker or someone’s child.

My grandfather had prostate cancer and eventually died from complications as a result. My husband’s mother had breast cancer, was in remission for years, but ended up dying years later when it spread to her spine. My husband’s father had colon cancer and my husband regularly goes for colon screenings. We are lucky– we have insurance that covers this procedure- and it is expensive. But there are so many who are not as fortunate.

Obliteride is a great concept- bringing the community together to rally in the raising of much needed funds for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

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