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Philanthropy for Kids: Nurturing a Giving Family

I’ve been wondering about how to explore the concept of philanthropy with my kids. I realize that such a large concept feels sort of intangible. In one of my early blog posts, I explore the definition of philanthropy. But I now … Continue reading

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What Is It Like to be Hungry?

I’ve never gone hungry before. Sure, I mean, I’ve fasted and skipped a meal here and there and felt pretty hungry during those times, but I have never had to worry about where my next meal is coming from. I’ve … Continue reading

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Just Do It! Be an Artist Now!

Saw this great TED talk by Young-ha Kim, a South Korean writer, about not letting anything stop you from being an artist. He spoke of parents who played Legos with their kids, even after the kid has lost interest, and the parents … Continue reading

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Birthday Dreams for All: Providing Birthday Parties for Children of Struggling Families

Happy New Year! Here is my first Parentmap post of 2014. I love the idea of volunteers coming together to pull off a party for kids whose families can’t afford this luxury. Now that 2014 is off to a good … Continue reading

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