Just Do It! Be an Artist Now!

Saw this great TED talk by Young-ha Kim, a South Korean writer, about not letting anything stop you from being an artist.

He spoke of parents who played Legos with their kids, even after the kid has lost interest, and the parents kept on building and building. He said, “…the artistic impulses inside us are suppressed, not gone.”

And one time he had his students write “like crazy” and found that by urging them to write in this way, the best writing often emerges.

It was wonderful for me to see this because I often wonder about where I am going with my writing. The “devils”, as he mentions in his talk for me are:

  • Do I really have a talent for this?
  • Am I inspiring other people?
  • Are people even READING my stuff?
  • How can I find the time for this?
  • What’s the point?

And I know that writing is an art, a craft, to be molded and massaged to emerge in the shape and form I desire.

To all the wonderful writers and artists out there: you CAN do it!! Watch this video and be inspired!

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