An example of the work I do

So, by now you may know I am juggling a few things in my career. I am a blogger for Parentmap, a freelancer for nonprofit work (I recently helped coordinate volunteers for an event- but more on that in another post), and I work as the Volunteer Coordinator for FamilyWorks. This is probably why I haven’t been able to post on my blog as regularly as I’d like. There are so many cool things happening and I wish I had the time to blog about them, but I will have to be satisfied with whatever I can push out.

philanthropy_tree.png I’d like to share a post I wrote for the FamilyWorks blog. We wanted to demonstrate how easy it is to create meaningful opportunities for the community to become involved with a local nonprofit. And in this case, the John Stanford International School, which is located in the same neighborhood, chose FamilyWorks as the site for its “Community Action Project.” Through the process of working with staff at the school and helping them plan the logistics for collecting the donations and educating the student representatives about what we do, we learned that it really is not that difficult to do something like this.

The rewards for both sides are so great: for FamilyWorks, it is getting donations, developing a great relationship with a community partner, and creating awareness about the issues we care most deeply about and for the school, it is creating a culture of philanthropy and educating students and their families about hunger and how a nonprofit works to create resiliency in families.

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