Yves Béhar: Philanthropist?

I was on a Delta Airlines plane recently and for the first time in forever (I am NOT quoting from the movie “Frozen” here), found myself without adequate reading material. It was horrible. Especially because flights to and from New York City are LONG. I rifled through the seat pocket and found the Delta Sky magazine. In it was an article on the obscure Yvés Béhar, a Swiss-Turkish design entrepreneur.

yves Behar

Yves Béhar (from Index Award website)

I don’t often read about designers who are quietly making a difference in the world and enjoyed learning just a little bit about this interesting man. Béhar started fuseproject, a design and branding firm in San Francisco and New York. He was quoted as saying, “Objects tell stories, so storytelling has been a really strong influence on my work.” which I found intriguing, being I love how storytelling can inspire people to take action.

Then of course the word “Philanthropy” in the article jumped out at me and I had to take a closer look. A few things he is involved with:

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