What’s New With Me These Days?

I know, I know, it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve no good excuse except for being incredibly busy with a new contract, my current job, juggling husband and kid activities, staying true to my goal of exercising every day, keeping up with friends, worrying about my elderly parents, and trying to stop my cats from scratching up my furniture and eating my cooking. But my blog is never far from my mind and I really miss writing.

My kids don't really think this way...

My kids don’t really think this way…

I’m having fun with this new contract. I’d been wanting to pick up some hours as my current job was only part-time and I was feeling ready to expand my skill set a bit. In fact, this past fall, the work I had done with my coaching group made me realize I was ready to launch a consulting practice.

I really love how serendipity works: I received a fundraising email from a parent at my son’s elementary school who happened to be President of the Board at a small arts non-profit. I had been wanting to do some more volunteering to expand my skill set and also to get to know some other nonprofits a little better. So when I got this email I was intrigued: how did this very busy guy get a pretty cool volunteering position as President of a Board? I made a mental note to email him and ask him some questions.

That very same day, I kid you not, I was at the grocery store when I ran into HIM of all people! During our brief conversation he told me this organization could use some help. He learned I had some extra time, so we decided to email about this and a few weeks later met for coffee to talk more.

Turns out, what he needed and what I wanted were a perfect match!  One of the things I have been wanting to do through my consulting practice is help organizations through transition. It was a match made in heaven! So much for having the time to volunteer. It’s still on my list of priorities, especially doing it with my family.

It’s only been a few weeks, but here is what I have learned so far:

  • I LOVE using my untapped skill set: being a mentor and coach to staff and being a leader during an uncertain time.
  • Being a good listener and being steady and calm are essential particularly when people feel stretched thin and have not been given clear direction about priorities.
  • I am a big picture person and love thinking about how systems are currently working within an organization. How is the organization marketing itself? Are the databases and marketing materials accessible and user-friendly? Who is the audience and are we reaching them?

Thanks for being my 12th man (go Seahawks!!) by continuing to read my blog! Will be back soon!

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1 Response to What’s New With Me These Days?

  1. Consuelo Gonzalez says:

    You go Elizabeth! Love hearing about what you’re up to and what you’re learning! So glad this organization gets to benefit from all you have to offer!

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