My New Projects: Consulting and Accessibility

I’ve been working hard on a few projects lately.

I left my job in 2017 and went back to school to get my certificate in nonprofit management. I felt pretty confident I would find a new job easily, considering my robust skill set in fund development, communications and program delivery. I found that the job search was taking longer than expected. Since I am so goal oriented, I knew I needed to focus on some kind of project to keep me energized, busy, and feeling like I was making a difference while job hunting. First I signed up to be a coach for Social Venture Partner’s Fast Pitch program. I got to listen to other inspiring organizations make a pitch for why people should invest in their program. Another coach and I also met weekly with Seattle Against Slavery, and helped its Executive Director refine his amazing story so that it was 5 minutes or less. He ended up winning first prize AND audience choice award, which was quite exciting. Check out his amazing story in the video below.

Then I volunteered for 501 Commons where I got to help another great organization, Pike Market Food Bank, develop protocols and systems for their volunteer program.

Job search still was taking a while. I exercised like crazy, met with a job support group, and dreamed about my next project. I ended up starting the Seattle-King County Cultural Accessibility Consortium which focuses on helping cultural arts institutions make their spaces, programs and events accessible to people with disabilities.  I got funding for three workshops from 4Culture and the City of Seattle Office of Arts and Culture, put together a steering committee of passionate individuals, and developed relationships with cultural arts staff who wanted to make accessibility a reality in their organizations.

In spite of all these projects and doing a ton of networking in the community, nothing was panning out with jobs (a much longer story for some day).

So I decided to start consulting full-time and last month (September), I launched my consulting practice. My objective is to help organizations engage constituents, such as volunteers, donors, participants, and community partners, in the mission of the organization. My work focuses on Fund Development, Program Delivery, Communications and Community & Board Engagement. I also specialize in Accessibility- working with organizations to make their spaces, programs and events accessible to all. I help them integrate accessibility into strategic plans, websites, staff trainings, and marketing/outreach strategies. Check out my LinkedIn article on accessibility here.

So that’s what I have been doing this past year and am excited to see what emerges from the work. Please contact me if you are interested in learning more about my work in accessibility or my consulting services.



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