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What is a Deaf Fail?

So it’s been a while, hasn’t it? I have been preoccupied with lots of things lately, including my parents’ deaths, figuring out career stuff (I am currently in between jobs), volunteering on a few projects, helping my kids with school, … Continue reading

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Cultivating a Gratitude Practice

In February I did Sharon Salzberg’s Real Happiness Meditation Challenge. Each day I would get an email introducing the day’s topic which also included a brief guided audio meditation. It was really great- just 10-15 minutes or less each day … Continue reading

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Things you can do to be an activist

I can be silent no longer! I have really missed blogging. And with all the madness that this election has generated, I realized maybe I could help people sift through the ways to be an activist. As a white woman … Continue reading

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Inspiration: Being Outside in Nature

Wow, it has been a while since I have written. This year I took a contract as an Interim Executive Director of a local nonprofit, which took much of my time and energy, plus I was still working for FamilyWorks. … Continue reading

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Headbands: An Opportunity for Compassion

Ever since the World Cup games several years ago, my son has become very interested in sports. He has tried out (in this order) ultimate frisbee, soccer, and most recently, basketball. My son uses two cochlear implants to hear, and because … Continue reading

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Adopting an Abundance Mindset

I found a neat website about fundraising for nonprofits and decided to submit a post for the November Nonprofit Blog Carnival, which is “a collection of the best advice and resources that consultants, support organizations, and nonprofits themselves are offering to the nonprofit … Continue reading

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A Note from Malawi

Remember my post about those two Malawians who received cochlear implants? Well, Helen Brough, a clinical scientist in Audiology from Cambridge, England, who is currently volunteering in Malawi, found my blog post and wrote me a wonderful note in response … Continue reading

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