Do you have to be a registered charity for just giving?

Charities and CASCs must be registered with the Charity Commission or exempt from registration for JustGiving to reclaim Gift Aid on their behalf. JustGiving also features certain not-for-profit and other organisations, which are not eligible for Gift Aid reclaim.

Can anyone set up JustGiving?

For All: JustGiving gives anyone a way to support the causes and people they care about. We provide the tools people need to support causes aligned with their own beliefs and convictions. Anyone who resides in the countries where we operate (presently only UK) age 18 and older can create a campaign.

Can I set up a JustGiving page for myself?

Log into your account and click ‘Start Fundraising’. … Let us know whether you’re taking part in an event, celebrating an occasion, fundraising in memory or doing your own thing. If you can’t see your event listed, select ‘Add your own’ at the bottom of the page and tell us a bit more about your activity.

Do I have to pay tax on JustGiving?

If you pay tax at the higher rate, you can reclaim tax relief on your gross donation at 20% (i.e. the difference between the higher rate of tax at 40% and the basic rate at 20%). Your JustGiving account keeps an accurate record of your donations to help you claim tax relief if you need to.

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How do I donate to someone’s JustGiving page?

Enter the name of the person you’re remembering into the search box at the top of the JustGiving website. Once you’ve found the right Page, click to visit it. Next to the picture, click the name of the person you’re remembering. If it’s the right person, select ‘Make a Page for…’.

How do I donate to a JustGiving page?

How to donate through guest checkout? 1. Once you have clicked on “donate” on your chosen page, on the second screen you will be given the option to log in or continue as guest. You can then continue with your donation as normal.

Does JustGiving take a cut?

We have done away with a 5% fee taken from the donation, instead we are now asking donors to add a small tip on top of their donation to keep us running and improving. The only fee deducted from the donation is a card processing that is standard for each transaction made through our site.

How do I donate offline on JustGiving?

Your donations / Offline donations

  1. Login to your JustGiving account.
  2. Go to the Campaigns tab and click on View existing Campaigns.
  3. Choose the Campaign that you want and click on the Actions tab in the top right corner of the Campaign listing.
  4. Select Update offline donations.

How do I get a QR code for JustGiving?

You can get the QR code for your JustGiving page by going to your page and adding ‘/qrcode’ to the end of the URL. For example, if my page is add the /qrcode at the end and click enter.

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Can you Gift Aid if you are retired?

If you are no longer paying any tax, then no. However, if you have savings and pay income or capital gains tax of an equal or higher amount than we are trying to claim (currently 25p in the £), then you can Gift Aid.

Can I give Gift Aid if I don’t pay tax?

Those paying 19% are treated in the same way as 20% taxpayers – but may need to take extra care that they have paid enough tax to cover the Gift Aid claim. Those paying 21%, 41% or 46% can claim extra relief in the same way as those in the rest of the UK.

Why can’t I donate on JustGiving?

If your donation is rejected, we haven’t been able to take your payment and you’ve not been charged. We’ll let you know if your donation has been rejected once you’ve entered your details and completed the Verified by Visa step. We’ll also send you an email explaining that you’ll need to try again.

Can you support 2 charities on JustGiving?

We automatically transfer donations to each charity so they can start putting your fundraising towards their incredible work. Unfortunately, this means that we can’t split donations between two or more charities. You’ll only be able to fundraise for one charity per JustGiving Page.

How do you make money on JustGiving?

Boost your fundraising / JustGiving’s top fundraising tips

  1. Upload a photo. …
  2. Set a target. …
  3. Show donors what their support will do. …
  4. Tell your story. …
  5. Email your contacts in groups. …
  6. Tweet your page. …
  7. Put your page address in your email signatures. …
  8. Thank people.
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