How much money has too much heaven raised for Unicef?

At the very least, the Bee Gees’ contribution to the effort, “Too Much Heaven,” would go on to be a #1 pop hit and raise more than $7 million for the charitable programs of UNICEF.

How Much Has Too Much Heaven raised for Unicef?

Performers. The Music for UNICEF Concert featured some of the biggest names in pop music at the time, and the performers donated their performance royalties and those from one song each to UNICEF. (The Bee Gees’ song “Too Much Heaven”, for example, had earned more than seven million dollars for UNICEF as of 2003).

Who has covered Too Much Heaven?


Title Performer
i Too Much Heaven 8-Bit Arcade
i Too Much Heaven Acoustic Heartstrings
i Too Much Heaven The Cat and Owl
i Too Much Heaven Midnite String Quartet

How Was Too Much Heaven recorded?

The process of recording “Too Much Heaven” was excessive and included 27 vocal tracks: Barry on falsetto lead 3 times, falsetto high harmony 3 times, and falsetto low harmony 3 times; Barry on natural voice lead 3 times, high harmony 3 times, and low harmony 3 times; Barry, Robin and Maurice together on lead 3 times, …

What year did the Bee Gees release Too Much Heaven?

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