Quick Answer: How do you use the Unicef Kid Power Band?

Insert the USB plug into a USB port. (USB ports are commonly found in computers and TVs. You can also use a USB power adapter to connect the Band directly to an electrical socket.) Once successfully charging the band will flash “UNICEF KID POWER” and then show a battery charging symbol.

How does the Unicef kid power band work?

About UNICEF Kid Power

Points unlock funding from partners, parents and fans, and funds are used by UNICEF to deliver lifesaving packets of therapeutic food to severely malnourished children around the world. The more kids move, the more points they earn, the more lives they save.

How do you use kids power?

Apply KidPower on your children’s wrists or back of the neck to inspire, motivate, and empower or diffuse it daily as needed for an aromatic boost to support feelings of positivity and confidence.

What are Kid Power Ups?

When you participate in UNICEF Kid Power, a FREE video platform (grades K-8), your students not only unlock impact for children in need around the world and for local causes, but they also unlock powerful outcomes for THEMSELVES! … Our kids need more support than ever this year, especially socially and emotionally.

What is the Unicef app called?

UNICEF Kid Power App

Connect the App to your phone, Smartwatch or UNICEF Kid Power Band to track your everyday activity and help treat severely malnourished children around the world!

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What does kid power do?

Kidpower Teenpower Fullpower International, commonly shortened to Kidpower, is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit child safety organization teaching child protection and personal safety skills to adults and children to prevent bullying, abuse, abduction, and other violence.

Does Unicef have an app?

The UNICEF Kid Power app, now available for iOS and Android, tracks your activity through your smartphone — the iPhone’s Health app, for example — or through your Jawbone, Apple Watch, or other fitness trackers connected to your phone.