What do you wear to philanthropy round of recruitment?

Again, you can stick with a skirt, shorts, statement pants, or a casual dress, but elevate the look with a slightly more formal top or accessories. You don’t have to wear heels during this round, but you totally can if you want to. Otherwise, flats will suffice.

What should I wear to sorority recruitment 2021?

You will finally know what sorority you are going to be joining and all your hard work is complete. Once you receive your bid you will be given a t shirt or jersey with your sorority letters. Your best bet is to wear shorts and a basic top so you can throw on your t-shirt as soon as you can!

What do u wear on bid day?

Bid Day: Casual

Bid Day is very casual. You will receive a t-shirt from your new sorority, so wear something lightweight that you can put a shirt over. We will be outside, so shorts or jeans and comfortable shoes are a must.

What should you not wear to sorority recruitment?

Birkenstocks, chacos, tevas, running shoes, and flip-flops.

All of these shoes are not appropriate for sorority recruitment. They are too casual.

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What do you say in a philanthropy round?

Questions to ask during Philanthropy Round

  • What does your sorority’s philanthropy mean to you?
  • How do you personally get involve with your chapter’s philanthropy?
  • Are there any events that your chapter puts on to promote your philanthropic partner?
  • How can new members get involved with your chapter’s philanthropy?

What should you not wear for Rush?


Speaking of discos… Rush is not a club event. There’s no need to look like you’re going out to party. Refrain from deep necklines, booty shorts, backless dresses or cutouts, or things that are obviously too tight.

What should I wear to Pref night?

Pref is the most formal round. All the guides are saying to wear a cocktail dress. However, we recommend that you wear something a little more formal than the rest of the rounds. Don’t wear anything too tight.

What color do you wear on bid day?

What to wear: On Bid Day we recommend wearing neutral-colored shorts (like white, denim) that pair well with a surprise colored t-shirt. Some girls will also be wearing denim shorts or going for a more casual vibe with Nike / Lululemon shorts.

Can you wear white to sorority recruitment?

You won’t know the color of the shirts until close to recruitment, so I recommend having white, black, or jean shorts or a neutral color. Some girls like to dress in flowy shorts with a comfortable flat.

What should I wear for recruitment each day?

A sun dress, slim pants and a flowy top, gladiators or flats, and a stack of bangles will do the trick. PHILANTHROPY DAY: A cute dress topped off by a denim jacket and paired with wedges will fit the bill nicely. Come prepared to listen and learn about which organization is closest to each sorority’s heart!

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Do sororities have dress codes?

Formal meetings call for dresses, skirts, and dress pants, but you can’t wear mini-skirts or khakis. The dress code for ritual events is pre-determined: members must wear a white dress and white shoes. Pants are not allowed.

What do you wear to a sorority spring recruitment?

TOP: You will likely wear a shirt (or sweatshirt) provided to you by your campus Panhellenic… but so will EVERY. SINGLE. … BOTTOM: Cute flattering jeans are a good option since they will go with any shirt color, but palazzo pants are a fun (and comfy) alternative if you’re wanting to stand out a little.

What do you talk about during Pref round?

Pref is your last time to make an impression with the sorority. You have to show off who you are. During the round, your conversation is (usually) about the more important things like what you are looking for out of a sorority. It is easy to get lost.

What questions do they ask during rush?

Be Prepared: Recruitment Questions

  • Where are you from? What’s your hometown?
  • What dorm are you in?
  • What classes are you taking?
  • Do you have a major already?
  • Did you have a fun summer? …
  • How are you enjoying rush/recruitment?
  • Have you met your roommate yet? …
  • How are you enjoying your first week of school so far?