What does it mean to break charity in the crucible?

You see, to break charity means to betray or harm someone. And there are tons of times when betrayals go down during the Salem witch trials. … Basically, Mary feels like the lying girls betrayed her by naming her crush as a witch, so now she wants to betray them right back by getting them in trouble.

Who broke charity in the crucible?

Terms in this set (15) How has Giles “broke charity with the woman”? Giles has broken charity with the woman by breaking her trust. He claims that his wife has read a strange book and this gets her accused of witchcraft.

Why did Giles Corey break charity with his wife?

Why does Giles say that he “broke charity” with his wife? His statement that she reads books secretly has brought the court’s suspicious on his wife, so he is feeling guilty because he has hurt her and her reputation.

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Who is charitable in the crucible?

The most prominent character in the play known for her charity is Rebecca Nurse. She is recognized as a morally-upright woman and notable Christian, who has raised eleven children and is opposed to the witch hunt when Reverend Hale first arrives at Salem.

Why is Abigail’s infinite charity ironic?

According to the stage directions, Abigail draws the sobbing, repentant Mary to her side “out of her infinite charity” (lines 1136-1137). Why is this comment ironic? This comment is ironic because Abigail would threaten Mary if she were to tell anyone of what she has done, now she made it seem as if she cared for Mary.

What is break charity?

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What does Giles mean when he says that he has broke charity with the woman Do you agree with his assessment Why or why not?

How Giles “broke charity with the woman? He says that he “broke Charity” with her because he unintentionally gave the court cause to accuse Martha of being a witch early when he talked about her.

How has Reverend Hale’s attitude changed about witchcraft?

In short, Reverend Hale went from being completely sure of witchcraft, to realizing he may have made a mistake in his judgment because of his meeting with Proctor, then he saw that he had to do everything he could to get the real truth …show more content…

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How does Giles Corey feel about witchcraft?

Giles Corey, a character from Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, feels guilty about his wife (Martha Corey) being charged with witchcraft. … He realizes that it is his fault that she stands accused of witchcraft. If he would not have spoke of Martha reading books, chances are Martha may never have been charged.

Who said I have broke charity with the woman in the crucible?

“I have broke charity with the woman. I have broke charity with her.” Meaning: Giles feels bad about telling Hale that his wife reads books. Because she reads books, people assume witchcraft.

What does out of her infinite charity mean?

Abigail’s “charity” for the town includes accusing innocent women of witchcraft, a crime for which many of them hang. She has pretended to be righteous and holy, despite the fact that she has sent numbers of people to ignominious deaths.

Why is the phrase out of her infinite charity?

Because she is frightened when Abigail pretends to be attacked by Mary’s spirit. Why is the phrase “out of her infinite charity” to describe Abigail an example of dramatic irony? The audience is completely aware of Abigail’s true character.

What role does hysteria play in Danforth’s belief in the girls?

If he questions their story and makes them suspect, then his own status becomes questioned. Danforth recognizes that mass hysteria is what enabled him to possess power and to be perceived as important. Mass hysteria is what allows this to happen.

What does fathom mean in the crucible?

to come to understand. REBECCA: I cannot fathom that. Act 1 (57% in)

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How does Mary Warren respond when Abigail and the other accusers act as if Mary has used witchcraft against them?

Abigail and the other accusers act as if Mary Warren has used witchcraft against them. How does Mary eventually respond to their actions? Mary begs the girls to stop. … When Mary accuses Abigail and the other girls of lying to save themselves, they begin to scream and say that Mary is bewitching them.