Where does Lily volunteer in the giver?

What did Lily do for her volunteer hours? She worked at the Childcare Centre.

Where Does Lily want to volunteer?

Lily’s mother then suggests that she spend her volunteer hours working at the Nurturing Center when she turns eight years old. Lily responds by saying, “Yes, I think I will” (Lowry, 22). Lily says she is going to spend her volunteer hours at the Nurturing Center.

Where is Lily volunteering and what does she have to be careful about the giver?

What does Lily have to be careful about when she is volunteering at the Nurturing Center? That she doesn’t call Gabe by his name. That she doesn’t arrive late. That she remembers to sign out.

What profession does Lily like?

Liily wants to be a Birthmother.

What did Lily do in the giver?

Lily is Jonas’ younger sister. She is a typically impatient child with straightforward, fairly simple feelings. Lily is also a chatterbox, talking continuously about subjects of interest to her.

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What did Lily do for her volunteer hours the giver?

What did Lily do for her volunteer hours? She worked at the Childcare Centre.

Why does Lily like to be a birthmother in the giver?

Lily wants to be a birthmother because she thinks that the newborns are cute and because they get good food and don’t have to exercise.

What is Fiona’s assignment *?

In Lowry’s original story, Fiona is assigned to be a Caretaker of the Old. That means the young Twelve is tasked with caring for the elderly of her society, with bathing them and helping make them as comfortable as possible just before they are euthanized, or “released.”

Where did Jonas sit at the ceremony Chapter 6?

Jonas stowed his bicycle beside Mother’s and made his way through the throng to find his group. The entire community attended the Ceremony each year. For the parents, it meant two days holiday from work; they sat together in the huge hall.

What happened at the ceremony of nine?

Ceremony of Nine- Children receive bicycles. Ceremony of Ten- Haircuts….. girls lose their braids, boys have their haircut above the ears. Ceremony of Eleven- New Clothes, the girls get undergarments; the boys get longer pants with deep pockets.

Is Lily Aldrin a psychopath?

While most of it is played for comedic effect, Lily Aldrin and Barney Stinson are some of the characters whose behavior is often borderline psychotic, as their actions are quite questionable.

What is a quote that Lily said in the giver?

Lily,’ her mother said fondly, ‘you’re very close to being an Eight, and when you’re an Eight, your comfort object will be taken away. It will be recycled to the younger children. You should be starting to go off to sleep without it. ‘

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Who does Jonas like in the giver?

Asher. Jonas’s best friend. Asher is a fun-loving, hasty boy who usually speaks too fast, mixing up his words to the exasperation of his teachers and Jonas.

Is The Giver Jonas father?

Father is a Nurturer at the Nurturing Center. He is friendly and loving towards the newchildren. He is the care-taker of Gabriel and the father of Jonas and Lily, married to Mother. He had a sister named Katya.


Jonas’ Father
Given job Nurturer
Fate Alive
Appearances The Giver
Mentioned Son

What does Mother fear in the giver?

Mother fears that the repeat offender will have a third transgression; if so, he will be released from the community. This reveals that there are strict laws and order that the people of the community must follow. Otherwise, they are released and not considered a part of the community.

What Does Lily want Jonas to be assigned to in the giver?

Gabe’s presence prompts Jonas’ family’s conversation about Birthmothers because Lily hopes that she will be assigned to be a Birthmother when she becomes a Twelve. During the conversation, we learn that Birthmothers give birth to three babies over a three-year period.