Does UNC charity care cover dental?

Payment Options: Dental insurance, Medicaid, cash/check/credit card. 25% discount for UNC Charity Care patients. Best way to get seen: Appointments are by referral only – have the referring physician fax a referral.

What is covered under charity care?

Charity Care covers “medically necessary” treatment. This includes inpatient hospital stays and emergency room visits. Some hospitals have a different name for their Charity Care programs, such as Bridge Assistance or Financial Assistance.

Does UNC dental school accept insurance?

The UNC System and UNC-Chapel Hill do not offer or endorse a dental insurance plan. However, dental care is offered in the Campus Health building by Campus-Smiles, and Campus-Smiles has partnered with a low-cost dental insurance plan. Campus-Smiles accepts all major PPO dental insurance plans.

Who is eligible for charity care?

Charity Care means the ability to receive “free care.” Patients who are uninsured for the relevant, medically necessary service, who are ineligible for governmental or other insurance coverage, and who have family incomes not in excess of 300 percent of the Federal Poverty Level will be eligible to receive “free care.” …

How do I make an appointment at UNC School of Dentistry?

Make an Appointment

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We are an appointment only free dental clinic. OR please call 984-999-1654 and leave a voicemail. We do not see patients in the order they apply. Your name will be added to our waitlist, and appointments will be allotted via a lottery system to ensure equal and equitable access to our services.

How does UNC charity care work?

The Charity Care Program insures that all eligible individuals receive medically necessary care at participating UNC Health Care entities regardless of their ability to pay. The program is available for patients with a household income of at or below 250% of the Federal Poverty Guideline for their family size.

Does NJ charity care cover dental?

: Fund the supplies, materials, and lab fees that allow comprehensive, no-cost dental services for the area’s charity care geriatric patients, many of whom have no source of income other than Social Security.

Does UNC student blue cover dental?

The UNC System does not currently endorse a dental insurance plan. … Dental insurance generally covers two cleanings per year and then a percentage of the cost of fillings, crowns, x-rays, extractions, and other dental procedures based on the policy benefits.

What does presumptive charity mean?

Presumptive Charity Eligibility is the process by which healthcare providers qualify patients for charity care as part of the benefit they provide to the surrounding community.

Does UNC have a good dental school?

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Adams School of Dentistry maintained its rank as the number two dental school in the world in the 2021 Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) released by the Center for World Class Universities at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

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What is UNC dental school known for?

The Adams School of Dentistry has a rich tradition of excellence in patient care, research, service and education. The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is the nation’s first public university, and the Adams School of Dentistry, established in 1950, is the state’s first dental school.

Does North Carolina have a dental school?

North Carolina’s first dental school, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Adams School of Dentistry is shaping the future of oral health care.