How do I edit my charity Wish List on Amazon?

How do I edit my Amazon charity list?

To change your charitable organization:

  1. Sign in to on your desktop or mobile phone browser.
  2. From your desktop, go to Your Account and select the option to Change your Charity. …
  3. Select a new charitable organization to support.

How do I add items to my Amazon charity list?

Note that you must first register your charitable organization at Sign in to, then click the Help link at the top of the page, then under General Program Information, select the Spotlight Charities link to access the application form.

How do I remove an item from my Amazon wish list?

Move your mouse over “Hello, [Your Name]: Your Account” in the top-right corner and click Your Wish List. Once you’re on your wish list page, click Manage Your Lists in the menu on the left. Now, beside the list(s) that you want to get rid of, click the check box below “Delete” to mark it, and then click Submit.

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How does an Amazon charity wish list work?

Charities create Charity Lists, adding items they need. Customers browse the lists, shop and donate items to charities. Amazon ships the items directly to the charity’s verified address.

How do I add to someone else’s Amazon wish list?

Go to Click on the list you want to share. Click Send list to others in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Copy the link, or add the email addresses of the people you would like to share the list with.

How do I delete items from my wish Order history?

All you need to do is follow the steps below:

  1. Open the Wish app on your mobile device.
  2. Tap the hamburger icon in the upper left corner to open the sidebar menu for Androids. …
  3. Select Order History.
  4. You will see all your previous orders listed on this screen.
  5. Tap the trash bin icon to delete an order.
  6. Tap Yes to confirm.

How do I remove items from list?

It is also possible to delete items using del statement by specifying a position or range with an index or slice.

  1. Remove all items: clear()
  2. Remove an item by index and get its value: pop()
  3. Remove an item by value: remove()
  4. Remove items by index or slice: del.
  5. Remove items that meet the condition: List comprehensions.

How do I remove an item from my listing?

Delete a product

  1. On the Inventory menu, select Manage Inventory.
  2. Find the listing you want to delete: For single listings, select Delete product and listing from the drop-down menu for the product you want to delete. …
  3. Click OK to delete, or click Cancel to keep the listing.
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How do I secure my Amazon wish list?

Go to, hover over “Accounts & Lists” in the upper-right, and select “Create a List.” 2. In the Create a List box, select “You” (in order to keep your address private) and “Wish List,” then enter a descriptive List name, and select a Privacy setting.

Can you get scammed on Amazon wishlist?

“A scammer can log into these public websites, public wish lists. … The thieves then create a fake website by making it look like Amazon or the online wish list company. The crooks will tell you someone has purchased the item on your list and all you have to do is log in to confirm the mailing address.

Can anyone see my public Amazon wish list?

Under Privacy, select Public or Shared. With Public, anyone can search for and find the list; with Shared only the people with the direct link can see it. (Private hides it from everyone.)