How many volunteers are in the NSW RFS?

How many firefighters are there in NSW?

Fire and Rescue NSW is the fourth largest urban fire service in the world, with over 6,800 firefighters serving at 335 fire stations throughout the state, supported by 465 administrative and trades staff and 5,700 community fire unit volunteers.

Is the RFS all volunteers?

The members of the brigade are all volunteers and can help you decide whether volunteering is right for you. If you’re not sure where the brigade is located, ask your nearest Fire Control Centre or email Complete the Volunteer Membership Application Form and return it to the brigade.

What percentage of Australian firefighters are volunteers?

While these percentages seem to be low, Australia’s volunteer firefighters constitute only 2% of the 10 million persons in the labour force, so the probability that an employer has an employee who is a volunteer firefighter is low and tends to be concentrated in regional areas.

How many RFS brigades are there in NSW?

The NSW RFS comprises almost 2,000 rural fire brigades with a total volunteer membership of approximately 72,000.

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How much does a NSW firefighter get paid?

Find out what the average Firefighter salary is

Entry-level positions start at $59,500 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $100,596 per year.

What’s the difference between RFS and Fire and Rescue?

The NSW RFS is responsible for fire protection to approximately 95% of the land area of New South Wales and the Jervis Bay Territory, while urban areas are the responsibility of Fire and Rescue NSW. The NSW RFS is the primary agency for responding to bushfires in the state.

How old do you have to be to join RFS?

Membership Opportunities

Many NSW RFS brigades offer junior or cadet membership for young people aged from 12 years, however these opportunities vary from area to area depending on a brigade’s capacity to supervise, mentor and develop junior members.

How many Australian firefighters volunteer?

In financial year 2020, there were around 146.6 thousand volunteer firefighters across Australia. Australian fire service organizations across the country rely heavily on there volunteers.

How many volunteer firefighters helped in Australia?

About 195,000 Australians volunteer with the nation’s six state and two territory bushfire services.

Are Australian firefighters volunteer?

Australia is unusually reliant on volunteer labor—in the state of New South Wales, which suffered some of the country’s most severe fires during the 2019–2020 bushfire season, close to 90% of the men and women fighting fires were volunteers.

What does CFA stand for fire?

CFA (Country Fire Authority)

What is a cat 9 fire truck?

CAT-9 Strikers serve as one of the fastest ground-based fire appliances utilised by the RFS. With a small tank capacity of just 600 litres, the CAT-9 is generally limited to a support role in fire operations and hazard reductions.

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