Question: Why did Katniss volunteer as tribute?

At the outset of Chapter 2, just after Prim has been selected in the reaping, Katniss volunteers to serve as the female tribute for District 12 in the Hunger Games. … The reason Katniss volunteers is, of course, to save Prim, her little sister.

How did Katniss get chosen as tribute?

Volunteering. By rule, once a person’s name has been chosen to become a tribute, another eligible boy or girl may volunteer to take their place. Normally volunteers are asked for after the chosen person is introduced, but Katniss Everdeen volunteered spontaneously before her sister, Primrose, could mount the stage.

Why is Katniss surprised when Prim is chosen as tribute?

Katniss volunteers to take her sister’s place as tribute, thinking about how the odds had been in Prim’s favor, that her name was one in a thousand and never should have been drawn in the first place. … Peeta Mellark is chosen as District 12’s boy tribute, which makes Katniss feel as if the odds truly are against her.

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What does volunteer as tribute mean?

On Tributize, when we talk about ‘Paying Tribute’ we mean giving thanks, showing respect and paying homage to the important people in our lives – and you don’t need to fight to the death to do that. …

On what page does Katniss volunteer as tribute?

“I volunteer as tribute!”” (page 22). She is passionate because even though she could die any moment in the games, all she worried about was her family.

Who said I volunteer as tribute?

Katniss Everdeen: No! I volunteer! I volunteer! I volunteer as tribute!

Did Cato volunteer for The Hunger Games?

Cato lived in District 2 prior to the 74th Hunger Games and likely trained for the Hunger Games alongside his fellow district members. Like most Career tributes, he volunteered for the Games.

Why does Peeta throw bread at Katniss?

Katniss credits Peeta’s actions with essentially saving her life at the time and helping her realize that she would have to act as the provider for her family. When Peeta gave Katniss the bread, Katniss and her family were basically starving. … In other words, Peeta endures a physical beating so that he can help Katniss.

Who claps when Katniss say her name and is introduced as tribute?

When Katniss volunteered to take her twelve year old sister’s place when her name was pulled during the 74th Hunger Games reaping, the audience remained silent and Effie was left on stage clapping by herself in an effort to lighten the atmosphere. Effie lives in the Capitol, and remains there for most of the year.

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What is the purpose of the tribute interview?

The main purpose of the interviews is to show the rest of the Capitol a little about each tribute to help them choose their favorite. There is always an interview with the tributes before each Hunger Games begins, and another with the victor after the Games are over.

What does it mean to offer as tribute?

1a : something given or contributed voluntarily as due or deserved especially : a gift or service showing respect, gratitude, or affection a floral tribute.

What does treason mean in The Hunger Games?

Treason. The crime of acting to overthrow one’s government or to harm or kill it’s ruler.

Why are certain tributes referred to as careers?

As Katniss explains, the Career Tributes are those tributes from the wealthier districts (typically Districts 1, 2, and 4) who have trained their whole lives to take part in the Hunger Games. … As a result, they are generally better prepared for the challenges of the Hunger Games and are typically the winners.

How was Katniss’s life saved at 11?

How was Katniss’s life saved when she was 11 years old by Peeta Mellarch? Peeta Mellarch saved Katniss’s life by burning bread on purpose and taking it outside to her. … Everdeen, Prim, Gale, Madge, Peeta’s father (the baker).

How did Katniss father died?

Katniss’s father, a coal miner, was killed in a mine explosion when Katniss was 11. After his death, Katniss’s mother went into a deep depression and was unable to take care of her children.

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