Quick Answer: Is Direct Relief a reputable charity?

Direct Relief’s leading financial performance and efficiency earn it a 4-star rating from Charity Navigator and top ranking on its “best charities” list.

Is Direct Relief trustworthy?

Results: Direct Relief has received a 100% fundraising efficiency rating by Forbes, been ranked by the Chronicle of Philanthropy as California’s largest international relief organization, and ranks in Charity Navigator’s list of “10 of the Best Charities Everyone’s Heard Of.” Direct Relief is the first nonprofit …

Is Direct Relief International a real company?

Santa Barbara, California, U.S. Tax ID no. Direct Relief (formerly known as Direct Relief International) is a nonprofit humanitarian organization that provides emergency medical assistance and disaster relief in the United States and internationally.

Who owns Direct Relief?

Thomas Tighe has served as President and CEO of Direct Relief, a nonprofit humanitarian medical organization, since October 2000.

What kind of charity is Direct Relief?

Direct Relief is a humanitarian aid organization, active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries, with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies – without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay.

How does Direct Relief get their money?

Unlike many other nonprofit organizations, Direct Relief does not rely on any funding from government grants. Support comes entirely from private individuals, associations, foundations, and businesses who entrust Direct Relief with resources so that it can fulfill its humanitarian mission.

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Is Direct Relief legit Reddit?

Direct Relief has been notified by several individuals who’ve received a fraudulent message asking for money or personal information from someone pretending to be Direct Relief. If you have received such a message, it did not come from Direct Relief and is most definitely a scam.

Is donating to Direct Relief tax deductible?

Direct Relief is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and 100% of contributions are tax deductible.

What was direct relief during the Great Depression?

Direct relief (cash payments or “the dole”) went to those in immediate and desperate need; however, work relief, that is, work on government projects in exchange for relief payments, was initiated in order to allow unemployed workers the dignity of working for a wage, however small.

What is the size of Direct Relief?

Overall, the medical-material support provided by Direct Relief increased from the prior fiscal year to 5.2 million lbs.


Rank 3
Charity Direct Relief
Private Donations $2B
Fundraising Efficiency 100%

What is Direct Relief do?

Direct relief’s mission is to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergency situations by providing essential medical resources needed for their care.