What charities does Verizon donate to?

Does Verizon donate to charities?

Across the communities we serve, Verizon’s employees are engaged in supporting neighbors and building community capacity. They give generously of their time, talent and financial resources to nonprofit organizations.

Does Verizon donate to schools?

The Verizon Foundation has launched its annual Tools for School campaign to collect back-to-school supplies to assist schools and nonprofit organizations. The supplies include new pens, pencils, rulers, crayons, backpacks and other items children need to start the school year.

What does the Verizon Foundation do?

For education grants, Verizon and Verizon Foundation funding is intended to support, among other things, projects that promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (“STEM”), including, for example, summer or after school programs, teacher training, and research on improving learning in STEM areas through use of …

Does Verizon have a foundation?

Read news about giving, grants and programs funded through the Verizon Foundation. Learn about Verizon’s latest support for disaster relief efforts and Citizen Verizon initiatives such as Verizon Innovative Learning, helps bring tech education to under-resourced students.

Does Verizon do sponsorships?

Verizon’s sponsorship properties include music, such as the Verizon Music Festival; sports, including the USA Luge Association, the United States Bobsled and Skeleton Foundation, and USA Track & Field; properties, such as the Olympic Regional Development Authority in Lake Placid, N.Y., and media sponsorships, such as …

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How do I donate to Verizon?

You can make a donation anytime you make a one-time bill payment or Auto Pay payment in the My Verizon website or app. On the payment confirmation page tap Add Donation or Manage Auto Pay. You’ll be able to choose a charity and a donation amount before submitting your payment.

What is Verizon’s tech inclusive movement?

To help everyone thrive in today’s tech-centered world, we’re expanding access to high-quality broadband in underserved rural communities, as well as partnering with the 4-H Tech Changemakers Initiative to provide digital literacy training in rural black populations.

Does Verizon offer scholarships?

Verizon’s scholarship program selects recipients based on financial need, academic achievement and extracurricular activities. The scholarships are for students who are attending or plan to attend an accredited four-year institution. Each scholarship is renewable for three years and has a total value of $20,000.

What is Verizon innovative learning program?

Through Verizon Innovative Learning, we turn belief into action. The program helps students achieve, learn, and create more by providing free internet access and next-gen technology-infused lessons delivering a new way of learning in school or at home.

Does Verizon give back to the community?

Verizon has supported nonprofits working to prevent domestic violence and serve the vital needs of women, families and children. Through its HopeLine program, Verizon collected hundreds of used cell phones and donated them to victims of domestic violence.

How do I start a business philanthropy?

Key steps to a successful corporate philanthropy program

  1. Establish your giving goals. What kind of impact do you want your company to have in the community? …
  2. Set up your system. …
  3. Build awareness. …
  4. Accept proposals and requests. …
  5. Decide on a cause to support. …
  6. Give generously. …
  7. Evaluate your impact + share your results.
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How do I call Verizon customer service?

If you have questions or need additional help, please call 1-800 Verizon (1-800-837-4966).