What happens during philanthropy round?

Philanthropy Round is focused on the sorority chapter’s philanthropic mission or focus, which is the organization or cause the sorority is directly raising money for.

What is philanthropy Day during rush?

PHILANTHROPY DAY: A cute dress topped off by a denim jacket and paired with wedges will fit the bill nicely. Come prepared to listen and learn about which organization is closest to each sorority’s heart! SKIT/SISTERHOOD NIGHT: Semi-formal is the name of the game.

How do sororities decide who to drop?

After every round of sorority recruitment, you vote on which sororities you want to be invited back to for the next round. The sororities vote on the girls they want to see come back. … Mutual selection is how Panhellenic determines which sororities you get invited back to for the next round.

How do sororities decide who to invite back?

This matching process is called mutual selection.

Mutual selection starts with Panhellenic looking at your voting and the scores the sororities gave each potential new member. … If you vote to keep the sorority AND you are on the top of the sorority’s list, you will be invited back.

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What do you talk about during Preference round?

Here are some examples of questions you might ask the sorority members for Pref:

  • Why did you choose to join your sorority?
  • Are there any leadership positions for new members?
  • Are there sisterhood events?
  • What is your favorite memory?
  • How has being in a sorority changed your college experience?

What do you wear on Philanthropy Day?

Round 2: Philanthropy Round

Again, you can stick with a skirt, shorts, statement pants, or a casual dress, but elevate the look with a slightly more formal top or accessories. You don’t have to wear heels during this round, but you totally can if you want to. Otherwise, flats will suffice.

What is convocation for Rush?

Convocation: PNM Convocation is an event put on by the College Panhellenic Council to kick off recruitment week. All PNMs are expected to attend. Greek Day: All ten (10) sororities have prepared a video introducing their chapter.

What should you not wear for Rush?


Speaking of discos… Rush is not a club event. There’s no need to look like you’re going out to party. Refrain from deep necklines, booty shorts, backless dresses or cutouts, or things that are obviously too tight.

What PNMs should I ask during philanthropy?

Important Questions to Ask PNMs

  1. What did you do in high school? …
  2. Have you done any philanthropic work? …
  3. How do you like [the name of your school] so far? …
  4. Why did you decide to come out for recruitment? …
  5. What did you do this summer? …
  6. Are you looking into any other clubs or other extra-curricular organizations?
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How does a sorority pick you?

Usually sororities are looking for members who will contribute to the sorority, get along with the members, and be willings to work for the good of the sorority, school, and their philanthropy. They are looking for people who are fun, loyal, have good character, and get along with people.

Can a sorority drop a pledge?

The New York Times reported that one of the most common reasons that sororities drop a pledge is poor grades. … Just like with college admissions, there typically is no minimum, but the more competitive the sorority is, the more competitive grades must usually be.

What happens if no sorority wants you?

A suicide bid (aka single preference vote) is when a PNM chooses to put down only one sorority after the preference round of recruitment. This means if you don’t get a bid from that house, you will be cut from the entire process.

What should you not discuss during sorority recruitment?

9 Things You Should Not Talk About During Sorority Rush – College Girl Smarts.

Are you guaranteed a bid after Pref night?

You are guaranteed a bid– The odds are in your favor. You are maximizing your chances to receive a bid. You like both or all of the sororities, and you will accept a bid to either of the sororities. Most potential new members will receive a bid to their #1 sorority.