Where is charity and Andres from?

Charity Anderson and Andrés Peñate hail from Springville, Utah and have been dancing together since they were eight years old.

Where is charity Anderson from?

Springville, Utah, U.S. Charity Anderson Reid (born 2000) is an American dancer. … She and partner Andres Peñate competed on season 2 of World of Dance in 2018, becoming the first in the show’s history to score a perfect 100 on a routine.

Where did charity and Andres place in World of Dance?

Junior (under 18, up to 4 members)

Dance act Age(s) Placement
Charity & Andres 17 World Final (3rd Place)
Sean & Kaycee 16/15 Divisional Final
Jaxon Willard 16 Divisional Final
Josh & Taylor 18/15 Cut

How old is charity and Andres from World of Dance?

The contemporary dance partners have danced together since they were eight years old, according to KSL TV. They’re only 18 years old, too!

Is Andres Penate in Hsmtmts?

Andres Penate portrayed Dancer and Chorus Performer / Rico in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series.

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How old is Charity Anderson?

About 21 years (2000)
Чарити Андерсон/Возраст
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