Your question: How do I track my volunteer hours on Zooniverse?

Please note that there is no built-in time-tracker within Zooniverse. Many organizations encourage participants to use the number of classifications they’ve contributed as a proxy for time spent on the site.

How does Zooniverse count as volunteering?

First of all, everyone who contributes to a Zooniverse project is a volunteer! We have a wonderful, global community who help us do what we do. The main ways of volunteering with us are helping us with classifications on data, being a beta tester on projects we’ve yet to launch, and being a moderator for a project.

Does Zooniverse give certificate?

We don’t generally provide rewards or certificates, but if you enter your real name in your account settings the project research teams can use that to give credit in any work they publish.

Does Zooniverse count as research?

Zooniverse gives people of all ages and backgrounds the chance to participate in real research with over 50 active online citizen science projects. Work with 1.6 million registered users around the world to contribute to research projects led by hundreds of researchers.

How do I get a certificate from Zooniverse?

Once your time with us is complete, please email with a screenshot of “Your stats” screen (including your username) and your full name to receive a certificate. Note that we can also use this information to verify the hours of Duke of Edinburgh’s award volunteers.

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How do I volunteer for Project Gutenberg?

You are invited to become a Project Gutenberg volunteer! The easiest way to get started is to visit Distributed Proofreaders, where you can help with some of the new Project Gutenberg eBooks. It’s easy to get started, and Distributed Proofreaders gives all the training and support you need.

Can I put Zooniverse on my resume?

So here are a couple of online volunteering projects that could be unusual and interesting additions to your resume. Zooniverse. … A crowd sourcing platform for researchers, projects are listed on the site – from biology to art to history to literature, if you have a spare moment Zooniverse is a great option.

Is Zooniverse free?

Zooniverse, the leading online citizen science platform with 1.5 million registered users and over 45 active projects, recently released its DIY Project Builder which enables anyone to create their own Zooniverse project for free.

When was Zooniverse created?

The Zooniverse was launched on 12th December 2009 following the success of an initial 2-year project, Galaxy Zoo, that harnessed people power to classify a million galaxies.

How many citizen scientists are there?

Worldwide participation in citizen science continues to grow. A list of the top five citizen science communities compiled by Marc Kuchner and Kristen Erickson in July 2018 shows a total of 3.75 million participants, although there is likely substantial overlap between the communities.

What was the name of the zooniverse project that helped lead to the discovery of a new exoplanet as described in this article?

The volunteers on our Planet Hunters TESS project have helped discover another planetary system! The new system, HD 152843, consists of two planets that are similar in size to Neptune and Saturn in our own solar system, orbiting around a bright star that is similar to our own Sun.

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How do I become a citizen scientist?

Five Ways You Can Become a Citizen Scientist

  1. iNaturalist. One of the quickest ways you can jump into citizen science is with iNaturalist! …
  2. ISeeChange. Phenology is the science of cycles in nature. …
  3. COVID Near You. …
  4. SciStarter. …
  5. Transcribe scanned field notes.