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A Note from Malawi

Remember my post about those two Malawians who received cochlear implants? Well, Helen Brough, a clinical scientist in Audiology from Cambridge, England, who is currently volunteering in Malawi, found my blog post and wrote me a wonderful note in response … Continue reading

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The 40-Something Implantee: Part 2

My Pre-Op Appointment A few weeks after I made the decision about the surgery date, I was scheduled to see the nurse for my shot, the surgeon (again), and the pre-anesthesia folks. I had to get a meningitis shot– people … Continue reading

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The 40-Something Implantee- Part 1

There’s a reason I haven’t been posting as much as I’d like. I decided in the prime of my mid-life to get implanted (I wince as I say this because it sounds so…robotic?). No, I did not get breast implants. … Continue reading

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