Work With Me

I received my Master of Public Health from the University of Michigan, with an emphasis on Health Education. I also have a certificate of nonprofit management from the University of Washington. I have over 20 years of experience working for a variety of organizations, including non-profits, for-profit agencies, and county, state, and federal government agencies.

My objective is to engage constituents in the mission of an organization through fund development, communications, engagement, program delivery, and accessibility.

I am a creative problem solver who collaborates with teams to solve capacity challenges in a way that leaves the organization stronger and better able to communicate its mission and deliver its programs effectively.


Capacity Building:

Works with organizations and their leaders to develop competencies and skills that can make their operations more effective and sustainable, thus increasing the potential for success.

Fund Development:

Helps organizations develop fundraising strategies. Strong event planning experience: annual fundraisers, house parties, and awareness-raising/stewardship events for donors.


Develop content for case statements, appeal letters, social media plans, and blogs. Highlight the assets of an organization and showcase impacts through a variety of platforms.

Program Development:

Collaborates with teams to ensure achievable outcomes. Creates volunteer and employee engagement programs. Implements educational presentations for small groups.

Community and Board Engagement:

Builds positive relationships with board members, volunteers, donors and community organizations. Coaches board members to identify their roles and strengths in fundraising. Develops engagement and recruitment strategies.


Works with organizations to make their spaces, programs and events accessible to all. Integrates accessibility into strategic plans, websites, staff trainings, and marketing/outreach strategies.

Please contact me at for more information.

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